Your Next Email Design Just Got Snappier

We consistently get the most feedback on our email designer. If there is one thing we’ve learned from that feedback it’s that the wants, needs, and opinions around an email designer can vary wildly. Some users want a very simple drag and drop editor that does most of the work for them. Other users want the ability to fine tune their designs to be pixel perfect with an interface similar to professional design tools like Adobe Illustrator.
With everything we create we are making trade-offs between power and ease of use. It’s a constant balancing act. We’re constantly iterating, adding new functionality, and ’rounding corners’ to make things faster and more user friendly.
Today we’re announcing some of the latest enhancements to the designer that we think you’ll love.


When adding a content block alongside another block the interface can sometimes feel a little awkward. Additionally, resizing a block offers so much freedom that aligning with width of items to objects above or below can be a painstaking process. To alleviate this we’ve introduced new logic to make things ‘snap’ to a set of default sizes and increments of 25px when resizing an content block.
Animated GIF showing how designer snap works
This feature can be toggled on and off from the designer’s options bar if you wish.
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Additionally you can hold the Shift key when resizing an object to temporarily avoid the resizing restriction so you can still maintain pixel perfect accuracy when necessary.

New social icons

New Social Icons
Since it’s release the Social Links widget has been a popular item in our email designer. It’s also led to a large amount of feature requests to add new items. Today we’re addressing some of the most common ones by adding icons for linking to your Pinterest profile as well as generic icons for your a website or email address. We’ve also updated the icons for Instagram, Google+, and Facebook.


We’ve also made a number of great improvements to the designer in other ways including improving reliability of copy and paste, adding the ability to add a border around your email’s body and setting some clearer default behaviors when adding new items to the body of your email.
We think these new enhancements will make building a beautiful email a lot simpler and a lot faster. We’re excited to get these new improvements into people’s hands and look forward to hearing what people think so we can continue improving our designer to meet customer needs.

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