For a while now, we have been offering a private label email marketing service to our partners so that they can offer ActiveCampaign email marketing to their clients. Our partners have also requested to have ability to control their domains from their own administration interface and to be able to create (and update!) accounts with ease (or maybe even on client’s demand or action) without having a live person that needs to log into our system to make a change.
As always, we listened to your feedback and comments.. so… The longly awaited API support for our partners/resellers is finally here!
As a start we implemented some basic calls that should assist our partners with managing hosted accounts without the need to log into the reseller panel. As a reseller, you will be able to create new accounts, modify existing accounts, or cancel them. Also, you can now obtain a list of available plans (both default pricing and pricing for a specific account, that includes all discount and addon information, prorated amount if applicable, etc).
Soon we will be adding more calls to our partner API, most likely starting with calls related to credit-based accounts (as in purchase credits, apply credits to account, etc), followed by calls supporting premium services such as ERJA.
If you are a reseller already, you can check out the new Reseller API area at ; it lists all available API calls along with examples for each. Any new API calls will be added to that area.
If you are not a reseller, but would like to become one, you can do that  on our ActiveCampaign Partner Program page.