With the recent release of our Installer for the Downloadable Edition of ActiveCampaign Survey Software, we have been receiving many extremely good comments from our users. The release is available here for the duration of the Beta Testing Period. We also have our Hosted Survey Software Solution available for free during our Beta Testing Period. You can sign up and try it for free by visiting the Trial Sign-Up Form.
Updates to the Hosted and Downloadable Editions of iSalient include a more streamline interface; as we have taken out the grapics from the top of the applications main interface and have replaced them with faster loading CSS styles. The Respondent Response Reporting screen has been overhauled, and now displays with the custom style that you have used for that particular survey. Users can enjoy a seemless process of taking online surveys, to viewing theirs and others results. Reporting has been revamped with options for three different colors allowing for more graphing customizations, along with Reporting Options that include Header and Footer addition, nine different Display Options, Active and Inactive Status, and Shared settings. The Enterprise Edition, although it is not available for testing yet, also has had some new development with the additon of our integration with Verisign, more subscriber management tools including customer perging options, and faster searching results.
Overall, our Beta period has been going steady, but we are always looking for more feedback, and for more Beta Testers. Its a great way to get a feel for the software before you decide to purchase, and to get any features into the application that you feel that you would use often and that are not included as of yet. Because this is a Beta Period, all of the submissions for features will be considered and the development turnaround for those features will be faster than normal.
We do have a few more steps to take before we will be releasing both the Hosted and the Downloadable Editions of iSalient, but the time for that release is coming up quick. So keep an eye in our Blog, as well as the Survey Software main page for survey software prices.
Have any questions about ActiveCampaign Survey Software?
If you are a current Beta Tester please use the form within the application (near the footer) to comment on your experience with the Hosted Solution. If you would like to be contacted about specific details on the features of the application, you can email me at derek@activecampaign.com, or if you would like to be contacted by our Sales Department, you can simply fill out our sales form here.
-Derek Entringer
iSalient Project Manager