Email Marketing WordPress Integration

Our email marketing software lets you embed subscription forms on other sites by simply copying and pasting HTML code.

To make things even easier, we’ve created a WordPress plugin that lets you display any subscription form on your WordPress site, with just a few clicks.

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign email marketing WordPress plugin

All of this happens without any copying and pasting. Simply supply your email marketing software URL, and login information, and choose what form you’d like displayed.

The form will then appear in the sidebar of your WordPress site:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign email marketing subscription form on WordPress site

It’s that simple!

You can even opt to request the updated form each time the page is loaded, so any changes you make to the form in your email marketing software will always be reflected!

Learn more about this plugin, and let us know if you have questions or suggestions!

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  • Ruby

    This would be great if it worked.

  • @Ruby

    It does work perfectly fine and plenty of people have installed it. Follow the instructions and contact support if you have any problems.

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  • There was talk in this article:

    about caching forms so there weren’t as many API calls, and it referenced the WordPress plugin as doing that. Where can we find this caching code so we can use it or adapt it to the API integrated form?

  • Hi Stephan, the caching would have to occur in your own system – in other words, when you obtain the data from the email marketing software, you would store it locally in a database so it can be retrieved from there directly on subsequent page loads, instead of reaching out to the email marketing API each time.

    We perform the caching automatically in WordPress, and other systems, when we have access to the local database, but for your own application/system, you’d have to include that functionality yourself.

    Please let us know if you have further questions.

  • ah I see. So store the HTML for the form into my DB, then set up a cron job to call the API and update the form HTML at an interval I’m comfortable with.


  • There are so many useful plugins for wordpress that makes email integration as easy as a click of a button. WordPress is the best, and its much better now that email integration is a snap!

  • Works very well, thank you. This is just what I needed!