Dreamforce to You 2020 Has Announced Some Details!

Dreamforce to You 2020 Has Announced Some Details!

Are you Zoomed out? Have you had it up to here with Google Meet? Do you really want some time to truly connect with people? From the latest announcement by Salesforce, it looks like 2020’s version of Dreamforce may just help.

It wouldn’t be Dreamforce without a Marc Benioff Keynote.

On Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 10am PT / 1pm ET, Marc Benioff will take to the virtual stage along with special guests from AT&T, Bentley Motors and others as they share stories of learning and success during this challenging year. Probably the best part of this years’ Dreamforce keynote, but with way smaller crowds! Pick your favorite, comfortable location in your home, or on your patio, then log in and get ready to be inspired in a way that only Salesforce knows how to do.

The main event, called DreamTX, will take place from December 14-17, 2020. Salesforce says that these 4 days of learning are created with you in mind. There will be content demos, inspiring luminary sessions, and – of course – lots of Trailblazer love.

Salesforce promises there will be something for everyone. The virtual event will be loaded with ways to discover the power of Customer 360. You’ll have a chance to share stories of working in a pandemic, and if all you want is a chance to simply hang out with fellow Trailblazers, you’ll be able to check off that box too.

And you know it wouldn’t be Dreamforce if we weren’t entertained by surprise guests too! Click here to save the date for Dreamforce to You 2020!

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