The Power of Customer Experience Automation (CXA) Meets Salesforce

The Power of Customer Experience Automation (CXA) Meets Salesforce

ActiveCampaign for Salesforce combines the power of Customer Experience Automation (CXA) with data from Salesforce to create a more personalized customer experience that turns leads into repeat customers.

An amazing customer experience is critical for businesses that want to grow. Intuitive automation workflows mean you spend less time performing repetitive tasks and more time on your business, whether you’re nurturing new prospects or cultivating repeat customers.

Here’s what you can do with the Salesforce integration for ActiveCampaign:

  • Send leads into marketing automation flows from Salesforce
  • Trigger follow-up email campaigns directly in Salesforce
  • Create Salesforce leads and contacts from ActiveCampaign
  • Generate leads with custom forms and fields
  • Update and sync custom fields in either ActiveCampaign or Salesforce
  • Sync leads and contacts between both platforms
  • Add leads and contacts to Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Qualify leads with custom, automated lead scoring
  • Track how your leads and contacts interact with your messages

With ActiveCampaign and Salesforce combined, you’ll be able to connect your sales and marketing tools to send the right message at the right time – to qualify your leads, create personalized messages, and keep sales and marketing aligned.

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Do you already use Salesforce? You can easily integrate ActiveCampaign with your Salesforce account and use Customer Experience Automation to turn leads into repeat customers – just visit the Salesforce AppExchange

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