Become an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant

Become an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant

Today we are opening up enrollment for the ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant program.

Certification is a way for business coaches and consultants to receive referrals from us when users ask for help outside the scope of services we provide.

Users who want help designing and implementing their marketing or sales strategy will have a way to be paired with coaches and consultants who are both credible and familiar with their specific marketing and sales platform’s capabilities.

If you see the ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant seal:
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…you’ll know that consultant can assist you, not only with strategy, ideas, and advice, but with creating and implementing the campaigns inside of ActiveCampaign.

You’ll be able to get help with the design and execution of a unique marketing and sales strategy tailored to your business.

Consultants will benefit from:

  • Certified consultants will be listed in a directory on our website. When users ask our customer support team for help beyond our scope of services, we’ll refer them to our consultants.
  • Having another qualification to differentiate you from competing service providers.
  • Higher commissions for referring customers to us (25% for monthly plans and 30% for yearly plans).
  • Establishing a more formal relationship with ActiveCampaign — we see our consultants as an important part of our ecosystem of resources. Our consultants can help our users with projects that are too involved for us to assist with.
  • A commission structure, that never changes. Ever. If you are willing to build your business around our platform, we’ll respect that investment by never changing the terms of our relationship.
  • Display an “ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant” badge indicating they are expert-level ActiveCampaign users qualified to teach and implement marketing & sales strategy.
  • Not having to meet mandatory minimum sales quotas. This program is about providing as much value as possible for our users, not a money grab for us.

If you are already an ActiveCampaign referral or reseller partner, you’ll want to go through the certification course to indicate that you are a value-adding provider with a formal relationship with ActiveCampaign.

The certification process

The first training is a two-day webinar on February 15th & 16th from 11 am to 5 pm CT. To be included in this round of training, you’ll need to apply by February 1st. The emphasis throughout the training will be on providing as much value as possible to our users in a consulting role— it is not an advanced email marketing and marketing automation course as most people going through the training will already be experts.

To apply, visit our Certified Consultant webpage and fill out the application form. After your application is approved, we’ll send you the dates of upcoming live training.

After the live training event, you’ll schedule a one-on-one web conference.

This will be an informal, ~ 30 min exchange where we’ll get to know you, your business, and your background. We’ll ask you:

  • To find specific features and what they are used for,
  • We’ll give you a hypothetical scenario and ask you to demonstrate how to address it,
  • Set up specific types of campaigns and automations,
  • Questions about effective marketing and sales techniques.

We feel this is the best way to demonstrate your knowledge of ActiveCampaign (versus a questionnaire). We won’t be asking any “gotcha” questions, and a study guide will be provided in advance. If you attended the webinar event and are familiar with everything on the study guide, you’ll be fine.

If you have any questions about the certification process, please leave a comment. Here’s the link to get started and learn more about the program.

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