Announcing Our Newest Certified Consultants to Help Grow Your Business

Another group of consultants is ready to help you leverage ActiveCampaign to streamline your processes and expand your business.
These talented consultants come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have a diverse range of skills. Work with them to tackle problems you’ve been struggling with, tap into unexplored opportunities, or create a rock solid plan for future growth.
I’m very pleased to introduce our third group of ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants…
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Anne Headen
Experienced product launch specialist

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Done for you marketing automation

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Benelds International
Experts at systematizing all stages of the customer lifecycle

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Christian Gursky
A German speaking email marketing and sales expert

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Eric Boers, SalesBreakThrough
B2B lead generation with a big picture perspective

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Eric Shanfelt, eMedia Strategist
Helping B2B media companies grow their digital audience & revenue

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James Rose, Akura Technology
Web developers that respond to emails, finish the job, and don’t suck!

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Judith Tierno, Fun Business Lab
Spanish-speaking digital agency for startups, freelancers, and small businesses

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Kelly Garrett, Ekcetera Design & Marketing
Save time, money, and frustration with your marketing automation

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Kelly Patchet, Quarterback Digital
Create a game plan for growth

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Nico Oud,
A marketing automation & sales funnel expert based in the Netherlands

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