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Marketing Automation Expert

I automate marketing and business tasks to free you up to run your business!

Early in my career, I had the good fortune to work for Apple, a company driven by innovation, and one that encouraged every member of its team to think creatively, to solve problems by asking questions no one else was asking. It was in this environment that I learned how to step outside the mainstream way of thinking and truly innovate.

Leaving Apple was a risky move, but stepping out and starting my own company was the next logical step, allowing me to help others do what I do best. I help businesses and entrepreneurs ask critical questions and position themselves for marketing and business success.

I am genuinely passionate about marketing and sales automation and enjoy the opportunity to consult and build automations that will allow you to focus on growing your business. You can find me on YouTube creating educational content on creative ways to use ActiveCampaigns robust toolset.

Whether you're a new or well-seasoned ActiveCampaign user, I can assist you with your marketing and sales automation.

I have helped business owners by providing them the tools necessary to attract and convert prospects into customers, and free their time up to grow their businesses. My clients trust me to represent their brands authentically, to tell their stories compellingly, and to manage their marketing needs completely.

If you’d like me to assist you with a project, provide you with business guidance and strategy, or just give me a topic to cover on my YouTube channel I’m all ears. Use the contact button on the left side of the page and we can start the conversation!
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