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New! Store and Access Important Files Right from Your Deals

As your sales team grows, the tools you add to your everyday use of your CRM might change. Whether...
4 months ago

ActiveCampaign Mobile App: Make memorable customer experiences on the go

What if you could manage your campaigns from your phone? Sometimes you’re not at your desk. And you don’t...
4 months ago

Manage Deals More Efficiently With Enhanced Direct Emails

How do you keep the deals in your pipeline on track to become customers?  ActiveCampaign gives sales teams everything...
6 months ago

Give Account Owners the Power to Nurture B2B Relationships More Effectively

Accounts in the ActiveCampaign CRM let you capture details about the businesses you work with and keep it all...
7 months ago

Nurture Stronger Sales Relationships with Engagement Tracking for One-to-One Emails

When should you hand leads from marketing to sales? Where does marketing get visibility into sales processes? How can...
9 months ago

Security Tools to Keep Your Data Safe: SSO, MFA, and Session Management

Cybercrime methods have become more sophisticated, resulting in an increase in data breaches, phishing attacks, and more. And it’s...
10 months ago

What’s New in CXA? Contact Scores for Microsoft Dynamics 365, New Landing Page Templates, and More

ActiveCampaign is highlighting a round-up of each month’s releases so you can continue to scale with a platform that’s...
10 months ago

5 Win-Back Email Campaign Examples That Will Get Customers Back

10 months ago

Improve Your Sales Process on the Go with Mobile Call Logging

What if you could better manage your sales process — from your phone? Sometimes you’re not at your desk when...
10 months ago