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Integrate JustCall with ActiveCampaign

JustCall is a cloud phone and SMS system that comes packed with advanced capabilities like automation, integrations, and analytics to ensure productive experiences for agents, sales reps, and managers. With the JustCall-ActiveCampaign integration, you can supercharge your favorite CRM with modern communication capabilities

Make and receive calls

Get a click-to-call button against every contact in your ActiveCampaign dashboard. Talk to your lead/customer in seconds.

Send and receive text messages

Use the click-to-text button against each contact to send instant SMS. Level up your customer-facing communication with drip campaigns.

Track conversations effortlessly

Keep a track of all your team members’ calls, messages, call recordings, and voicemails right from your ActiveCampaign account.

Auto-log conversations

Automatically log calls and SMS as notes under relevant contacts. Now save time in manual logging and be more productive.

Powerful analytics

Monitor your team and assess their performance with call-related analytics, recordings, voicemails, and missed calls.


  • Make customer-facing interactions more productive. Get dynamic phone numbers, powerful inbound/outbound features, and comprehensive SMS functions.
  • Contextualize every conversation to drive meaningful outcomes. View ActiveCampaign contact records, when on call, in real-time, with a single click on the badge.
  • Generate and follow up with leads faster. Leverage our award-winning sales dialer for maximum efficiency.
  • Manage your appointments and follow-ups centrally. Log all conversations automatically, so your team can easily schedule and make follow-ups.
  • Saves hundreds of hours for your team every week – all the while delivering customers an excellent experience.


  • Get click-to-call and click-to-text icons; call or text contacts natively within ActiveCampaign
  • Track and log calls on ActiveCampaign automatically
  • Sync your contacts to JustCall so you never miss a customer or lead
  • Create Sales Dialer campaigns on JustCall
  • Create custom workflows (including drip triggers) for bulk SMS campaigns
  • Get detailed call analytics & live call monitoring capabilities

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Integrate your phone calls & text messages with ActiveCampaign

View your daily interactions with people, leads and keep track of every case that's important to your business. Get click to call & text buttons next to phone numbers. Add JustCall in your ActiveCampaign automation to automate text messages.

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