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Integrate JustCall with ActiveCampaign

Connect JustCall with ActiveCampaign to make/receive calls and send text messages directly from ActiveCampaign. Use JustCall native app from ActiveCampaign automations to seamlessly send automated text (and multimedia) messages to your customers and manage your campaigns

JustCall is a cloud-based phone system for your sales and support teams, you can easily get a number in 58 countries and start making and receiving calls & text messages. Use AutoDialer & Bulk SMS Campaigns to reach out to leads & customers in bulk. With JustCall, you can:

  1. Reach customers in Bulk
  2. Receive calls using your CRM platform
  3. Log calls, texts, call recordings and voicemails
  4. Tag contacts based on call outcomes
  5. Send automated text messages using Activecampaign's native workflow
  6. Increase your Response rate by using personalized messages

There are two different ways to integrate with ActiveCampaign:

  • JustCall SMS App for Automations: Easily automate your text (and multimedia) campaigns by using JustCall native app from the Automations section in ActiveCampaign to send SMS/MMS to your leads & customers based on various triggers that ActiveCampaign offers
  • JustCall Cloud Phone System: Use JustCall cloud phone system to make calls/send SMS directly from within ActiveCampaign. Track your Interactions as JustCall automatically logs all call activities, texts, call recordings and voicemails under your contacts.

JustCall SMS App for Automations:

  • Automate your Texting campaigns like never before: Use JustCall as an action to send messages; Add delays to create drip campaigns. Also, remove contact from Automation on receiving replies.

  • Personalise your text messages by using contact fields to get more replies: Create custom templates using contact properties such as name/business to curate personalized messages for your customers/leads. You can even use custom fields against your contacts to create a personalized message.
  • Manage multiple Justcall accounts within your ActiveCampaign Automations: Create and manage campaigns via multiple JustCall accounts. Easily switch between multiple Justcall accounts across your campaigns. This helps you control different businesses that you may be running via different numbers.
  • How to integrate: From within Automations, click the + sign to Add a New Action, then click CX Apps in the left panel.

JustCall Cloud Phone System:

  • Click to call and text icons: Connecting with your customers has never been this easy. Integrate your JustCall Account with ActiveCampaign to make calls or send SMS to your leads or customers from within ActiveCampaign, by using our click to call and text icons.

  • Log your calls and text messages in ActiveCampaign: JustCall logs your calls as notes against your contacts and deals (if associated). You can even access your call recordings and voicemails. Your incoming and outgoing texts along with appointments are logged in ActiveCampaign.
  • Tag contacts based on Call Outcomes: Apply tags to contacts based on call outcomes. We believe that tracking customer issues or marking a lead is not something that you should do manually. This helps you categorise your leads and schedule follow ups easily.
  • How to integrate: Please login to your JustCall account to integrate with ActiveCampaign.


  • Create AutoDialer and Bulk SMS Campaigns - now reaching your target Audience in bulk is faster too. Create Bulk SMS and AutoDialer campaigns to reach your customers in bulk.
  • Personalize your campaigns - Personalize your text messages & Increase your response rate. Create custom templates and use custom fields to personalize your texts.
  • Drip Campaigns - add delays, setup automations and always stay in the loop with your customers. Tag contacts easily on ActiveCampaign when they reply.
  • Acknowledgement - acknowledge your customers whenever they subscribe to a mailing list, create their accounts, purchase a product. Select the trigger, create a template, set up an automation, we deliver your messages and help you track replies.


  • Initiate, track and close deals easily - with click to call & text Icons, contact tagging, texts (with multimedia), call scheduling and many additional features. You can easily receive calls, reply to text messages via our apps for multiple platforms
  • Manage your appointments and follow ups - we log all interactions as tasks in ActiveCampaign so that you can schedule appointments and follow ups easily.

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