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Apps and Integrations CRM Devart SSIS Data Flow Components

Integrate Devart SSIS Data Flow Components with ActiveCampaign

Devart SSIS Data Flow Components for ActiveCampaign allow you to integrate ActiveCampaign Contacts, Surveys, and other objects with other cloud applications and databases via SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). They include optimized ActiveCampaign Source, ActiveCampaign Destination, and ActiveCampaign Lookup components and provide their own ActiveCampaign Connection Manager.

Data Integration Using SSIS for Better Productivity and Accuracy

Unify your data! Automate tasks to import, export, or sync ActiveCampaign with various cloud apps and databases via SSIS. Effortlessly replicate data for real-time consistency. Simplify CSV import/export. Establish bi-directional sync for always-updated info. Boost productivity & accuracy with Devart's SSIS Data Flow Components.

ETL Tasks Automation Using Your SQL Server

Leverage the power of SSIS to automate your ActiveCampaign ETL tasks. Devart SSIS Data Flow Components seamlessly manage data movement, allowing you to schedule data extraction, transformation, and loading between ActiveCampaign and various cloud applications and databases. Boost your team's productivity, eliminate manual errors, and achieve a unified data landscape by integrating ActiveCampaign directly within your existing SQL Server environment.

Cost-Effective and Reliable Solutions Using Your Server Environment. Turn your existing servers into a data management powerhouse! Our solutions integrate seamlessly within your SQL Server environment, eliminating the need for costly cloud infrastructure or data migrations. Reduce IT expenses by leveraging your existing resources for data integration. Maintain control and simplify operations with familiar server-based tools. Enjoy the security benefits of on-premise data storage and leverage the scalability.

What you can do with ActiveCampaign + Devart SSIS Data Flow Components 

  • Export data from various sources to different file formats
  • Import XML, CSV, and other files to cloud applications and databases
  • Synchronize cloud applications and databases.
  • Migrate from one cloud application to another
  • Replicate data from various cloud applications to relational database

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