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Integrate Campaign-Genius with ActiveCampaign

Dynamic Content, Personalized Images & Countdown Timers. All of your ActiveCampaign data can be used to drive 1:1 personalization and content updates, with no export or sync

Email marketers can put this week's sale in last week's mail with live elastic content from Campaign-Genius. Click to add countdown timers, geolocal weather, GIFs, emojii, maps and live tweets, choose from hundreds of pre-personalized visuals, or create and control your own brand templates.

Campaign-Genius provides ready-to-use ActiveCampaign templates, with merge tags for any recipient data.

Elastic content can be added to email templates with one paste; unique visuals are generated on-open from merge data and marketer parameters.


  • Fast & simple tools including timers, maps, live weather, +2M photos, YouTube thumbnailer and more
  • Author your own data-driven dynamic content
  • Virtualize images & hyperlinks for faster email production
  • We only charge for delivered images

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Image Automation & Dynamic Content

Campaign-Genius streamlines creative production for ActiveCampaign. Email marketers get permanent creative control of visuals and hyperlinks. Automate content production; grow engagement; save time!

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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