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Get the training you need to grow your business and create incredible customer experiences. Find a session that works for you.

How can you get in-depth training from an ActiveCampaign expert — online?

How can you create incredible experiences for your customers? How can you use automation to nurture, educate, and convert? How can you turn leads into repeat customers — and advocates for your business? Over three online sessions (available live and timed to fit your schedule) you’ll learn about how to automate, personalize, segment, and orchestrate — and how to use ActiveCampaign to grow your business faster.

During these sessions, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand what your contacts want, then use segmentation and personalization to give it to them
  • Organize your integrations and content to set up incredible customer journeys
  • Learn how to use ActiveCampaign to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time

Our Study Hall Digital Series Will Be Back In The Fall! Check Out Our Webinars In The Meantime

How To Use The "Customer Experience Map" To Automate Your Business (CDT - US Central Daylight Time)

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"I have been an ActiveCampaign user for over two years now, but I already have a ton of new ideas on how to improve my services and experiences!" -Ryan Donner, Ryan Donner & Associates

"Amazing moderation - the level of expertise of connecting two people on camera with two people in the chat makes it really professional and puts a lot of value in it as "true" online course experience."

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