Using Automated Marketing To Sell More Stock Photos

The context

The photography industry has been experiencing dramatic changes. The low price of professional quality cameras has lowered the barrier to entry creating many new competitors. Over the past few years, many professional photographers have had to rethink their business model.

In response to these changes, some have created stock photo websites where they offer photos for commercial use.

But, being a solo-business owner is not easy. There is always more stuff to do, and just a couple of hands to do it. Automating and outsourcing as much as possible is the key to being more productive and growing your business with limited resources.

You can automate many business tasks using ActiveCampaign — saving time you can reinvest back into your business.

The campaign and some of the ActiveCampaign features used

Selling more photos with marketing automation:
It’s easier to get repeat sales from existing customers than to find new customers so it’s always a good idea to focus on getting more sales from an existing customer base. This is something email marketing is great at.

There are other ways of building a relationship with your contacts, but none of them have the low cost and high ROI of email marketing. When email marketing is combined with marketing automation, you are able to set up an automatic campaign once and have it continuously run with no more input from you.

→ Using automations to schedule campaigns according current month, and current day

With marketing automation you can set up a campaign once and then have it recur at whatever schedule you choose. For instance, you could set up a Christmas campaign that sends out an email campaign every December. Another way Louise has avoided wasting her time is by including all the contacts in automations that are triggered using ‘if/else’ blocks that check for the current time.

How do you create an automation that runs over and over? There is a trick with the “Go to” feature that ActiveCampaign has which you can use to move a contact to another point within the automation. It looks like something like this:

This automation is fairly simple: Every time someone is added to the general master list, it checks every 30 days whether the current day is Christmas season (detected by the current time check > December ), if it is, the tool sends a scheduled message. If that’s not the case it will go back to the starting point and then wait 30 more days, and it will continue to repeat the whole work flow until it is stopped.
This automation could be used in other ways. For instance, you could set up a flow that applies a tag called ‘ChristmasSeason’ that is used to trigger other automations and then remove that tag when the season is over.


Getting steady, consistent revenue

Using SMS marketing to promote successful flash sales

You can collect your customer’s phone numbers using a Zapier integration to add information from every Shopify order into your ActiveCampaign account. In this way she gets more data about her contacts… even having to ask  them.

→ How to get more data about your contacts even not asking for it in your forms

This is done  by creating a zap that passes all the information from a new order from Shopify into ActiveCampaign.

With this zap, not only can you get order information, like the product the contact has just bought, but you can also fill other empty fields in the contact’s profile.


You can use the phone number collected during the order for flash sales! SMS is another mass-communication option included in ActiveCampaign. It gives you another way of keeping in touch with your contacts.

Using SMS as part of your marketing communications, you can get the attention of your contacts with very limited offers like: 50% in all stock photos during the next 30 mins with the coupon code XZY, for example. This allows you to get a burst of orders when business is slow.


→ Creating flash sales using SMS marketing from ActiveCampaign and a couponing system

To send a SMS, it’s necessary to create an automation, first, and then select the SMS feature from the options panel.

Note that you can alternate between SMS and emails within the same automation.

Shopify has a coupon plugin that allows your to quickly create coupons and place them within the text


By using ActiveCampaign’s powerful marketing automation and messaging features, you can create and manage an online business that brings a steady stream of revenue each month. With such low expenses, it is relatively easy to earn a positive return on investment.

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