How Our Resellers Use ActiveCampaign to Get More Clients And Revenue

1. The context

You’re always up for a challenge. You’ve been around the block a few times (in the best of ways of course) and you’re a marketer through and through. After some research, you’ve found that there’s a slew of more powerful tools out there specifically made for the likes of you. Hence, you’ve been wondering as of late and have come to this crossroad:

  • How can I put my experience to better use?
  • How can I automate?
  • How can I evolve?
  • How can I amplify?

Keep reading and we’ll answer these questions for you.

Billable hours are wonderful. Finishing up the scope of a project is a very satisfying feeling, but as you know, sometimes there is feast and sometimes there is famine. So, how do you go about creating steady, consistent, and perhaps most importantly, hassle-free revenue?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person team, or have a few trusted freelancers working with you to get through your workload, throughout your many varied projects, you’ve generated some valuable intellectual property (IP). So, why not utilize it?

In your portfolio or client-list, you’ve built websites, apps, e-commerce storefronts, and more. You’ve also helped numerous small businesses develop a go-to-market strategy from inception to implementation. All of this process, knowledge, material and collateral is ripe for repurpose. On top of that, as more and more clients are realizing that all the recommendations to double down on a rock solid email marketing strategy are in fact the right way to go, you’ll have a stockpile of successful campaigns to cherrypick from and iterate on. Most platforms offer two ways to leverage your prowess as a marketing expert: an affiliate link or a much more in-depth program.

While affiliate links are easy, tried and true, they are not the most concrete method of attributing hard-earned attribution for various reasons such as links not always being used and more. There is more you can offer potential customers. A reseller account can make the difference in this wasted effort, and truly transform the influx of new users and revenue. You’ve got your war-chest, and it’s time to break out those bad boys.

There are numerous opportunities and avenues to make the most out of a reseller account from ActiveCampaign. From setting up email marketing tools for your clients to providing them with unique tools and services in addition to creating an additional stream of customers, take advantage of the following:

  • Build on top of what we’ve created – spread and monetize your IP
  • You control what you make. Set your own pricing and pocket the difference.
  • Offer something unique: automation workflows, design services, consulting/coaching
  • Create more value and differentiate your offering: customized support, sharing automation workflows, providing design services, or coaching and consulting.
  • We’ll take care of developing the platform – you add the value

2. The campaign and ActiveCampaign features used to achieve it

Practice what your preach: how you can plan to get more users

Big goals require big changes’ gets thrown around a lot these days when implementing a new marketing strategy or initiative. Some marketers are a bit reluctant to get big changes done because they are “hesitant” aka scared: scared of losing traffic, having a worse conversion rate, etc. However, without change there can not be improvement. Not to mention, if something does not go as planned, at least you can learn in the process.

It’s time to start applying that same recipe to your business, so here’s a hypothetical example for you: all of us have delayed the idea of creating a new landing page for your services for a while with excuses like ‘they (my potential clients) already know my page, they won’t remember who is behind the website, they already know my product. But we all know that if we want more people to know about our tools and services, we should focus more on reselling the platform properly. Like if the product was your own product. Become your own client.

Continuing down this use case, these are the actions one could take:

Building nice looking landing pages… without development

To create a product website separated from your company page so your can better sell your product without losing the attention of the potential user checking your others gigs like consulting, small development work, etc.

You knows that developing a landing page can take some time and nowadays you don’t only have to develop for desktop, but many of your potential users will find you through a mobile device. In other words, you would use lot of development time if you decides to create something from scratch. That’s why, to avoid any extra work, choose one pre-built template that can be found in LeadPages (other companies that offer something similar services are Unbounce, Instapage).

Using content marketing and email automation as secret weapon!

One can learn a lot about the platform you’re reselling just by helping your customers. Chances are you’ve produces some good guides in PDF format that you send to every new customer. Utilizing the landing pages you’ve built, you can grab more emails addresses of people interested in the platform and email marketing. Therefore, investing a bit in content marketing and inbound marketing will produce some great results with minimal additional resource needed.

This can be built quick with a page-builder like Instapages or LeadPages and configured to bring all the contacts into his ActiveCampaign account.

Once someone leaves their email to receive one of the PDFs you offer, that person not only receives the ebook, but they will receive a drip email campaign that you have automated within ActiveCampaign. That campaign has one purpose: convert that person into a user. Or, at least into a free user utilizing your trial. Check out an example of a drip campaign:

On top of that, you can go a step further. You can track if those that have received the ebook have ever come back to the website (which will be an indicator that they are really interested). If that’s the case, one can create an additional other automation that is triggered when someone visits the page again and has previously downloaded an ebook. The purpose of this second automation is to make them create an account to explore the features of the email marketing tool.


Do cold-sales! With a proper CRM it does not have to be hard

Another approach you can try is cold-sales. One can reach all those leads that email him daily to let them know if they would be interested in using his tool. Basically a 1-on-1 communication with each one of this communications where he tries to convert them to use his email marketing tool instead of what they are using currently.

Cold sales might sound tricky and messy without the appropriate tool, but using the built-in CRM in ActiveCampaign in conjunction with automations will produce a much smoother sales process. Plan to reach out manually with a first email, but after that the automation takes over and does the heavy lifting:

Here is a more detailed view of the deals and pipeline portion of the platform. Getting a high-level view of all current deals in process is quick and easy.

Each deal has this appearance:

Without a proper CRM, you’re stuck trying to handle your sales process using only your own email, have no dynamic alerts when was the last time you contacted a lead, or what other counter-offers in the past you may have had offered. Within a deal, a reseller knows exactly what stage are the negotiations are in, what actions need to happen, and what tags, lists and automations a contact is part of.

3. The output

By changing the perspective in which you see reselling as a marketing tool or platform and not something offered on top of your traditional services, most see how one can build from the ground up a passive income business that consistently brings in a 4-figure income.

In addition most resellers noticed a relief in their work-load. Passing from working on ‘bill-per-the-hour’ projects to subscriptions, no matter if your users use the tool or not, resulted in more time to do other stuff theyenjoy more than their “work.”

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