How A Blogger Plans His Ebook Launch Automating Part Of The Process To Bring More Sales

1. The context

Harry Moore is a very persuasive and hard-working salesman. He honed his skills while working with 500 Fortune companies and has become quite good at writing about it too. He has been blogging about his experiences for 2 years now. As you can imagine, two years of weekly posts is a considerable amount of time, but on return Harry has created a nice, engaged audience.

Harry has tried many things to monetize his blog, mostly by displaying ads or paid posts promoting specific products or services. He is not happy with either option . The adverts are really intrusive and he doesn’t likewriting about products he does not believe in or like. After considering alternatives, Harry has decided to try something new: selling an ebook. He plans to release in it some exclusive content he has been working on.

So far, Harry’s book is 80% done, but he knows that in addition there is other stuff that he would need to create like:

  • A proper landing page to generate sales for the book
  • A launching campaign with great content to promote the book
  • A payment system to manage the sales of his book.

Harry has collected a bunch of designs and samples for the landing page. His knowledge of WordPress design is quite limited so he plans on using a template. He wants something catchy to the eye, a great landing page that can help him sell his book.

A friend – who helped him to setup his first blog – told him about tools like LeadPages, Clickfunnels and OptimizePress. Basically a easy what-you-see-is-what-you-get landing page builder for people that don’t want to code. These services are a drag-and-drop, visual way to create your landing pages.

2. The campaign and some of the ActiveCampaign features used

Redesigning RSS campaigns to bring traffic to the new landing page

It’s clear that one of the most interested audiences for the book is those visitors that go to his site every week to check for the latest posts, those that follow him through RSS, and through Twitter where he is quite active answering answers from avid readers.

But how should he plan the launch? An individual email campaign telling his contacts he has a book on sale? Would that be effective? Harry wants to reward his long-time readers, and therefore he has planned to do a pre-launch which would allow him to get first feedback about it and some insight on how his ‘marketing’ plan is working.

So far, he has been sending weekly emails to this list of subscribers using the RSS trigger emails that ActiveCampaign offers. Basically he has configured the tool to check when there is a new blog post in his RSS feed, and once that happens it’s automatically added into an email that is triggered at a certain time in the same day.

He wants to keep using this same format, but he would like to include a CTA in the email 3 or 4 weeks previous to the public launching to give the opportunity to his long-time readers to get a 10% discount.

Besides that, and in order to optimize his email he plans to use some block conditions within the emails that check if a certain reader has purchased or not. If that’s the case, he plans to use that spot for a call-to-action to bring traffic to some other previous blog posts. I’ll explain more about this later in the article.

If they click the link in the email, they go to the new landing page he has created. The landing page is really basic and he has included a link to Paypal where he performs the sale. The landing page looks like this:

Integration with OptimizePress

At first, Harry was considering the use of tools such LeadPages or ClickFunnels after reading some of the reviews other bloggers and renowned authors have published. Finally he decided to go with OptimizePress since it’s built-in directly in a WordPress plugin and WordPress is his ‘natural’ environment where he has been writing and drafting his blog posts for 2 years so he is very comfortable with it.

The integration between both tools is quite straight forward and it took Harry no more than 20 minutes to get the initial configuration setup. Besides the inclusion of the API elements that, it’s just a matter of specifying into the Optimizepress form what data is going to pass into ActiveCampaign and into what list are the contacts going to be included.

Setting a launching campaign

Prepare content blocks within current RSS campaign

Once the RSS campaign is up and running, Harry wants to redirect traffic using the same call to action that he has for the selling of the ebook, but into a different page if the one who is receiving that email has already bought the book.

For this purpose, depending if the recipient has the ‘ebook buyer’ tag or the ‘nonEbookBuyer’ tag, that will what determines if one block or the other is shown.

Check who has bought the book: PayPal + ActiveCampaign

As explained above, the purchases are processed through PayPal. And every time there is a new purchase, two situations can happen:

  • The buyer is already present in Harry’s subscribers list.
  • The buyer is not subscribed yet in Harry’s list.

Ideally, Harry would like to subscribe all purchasers to his list if they aren’t already on it If they are interested enough to pay him for an ebook, why they are not going to be interested in receiving more stuff from him?

The way to set this up within ActiveCampaign is pretty straight forward thanks to the built-in integration with PayPal. It just a matter of setting up an integration that creates a contact every time there is a new successful orderand also:

  • apply the ‘eBook Buyer’ tag to the contact in ActiveCampaign,
  • add him into the list ‘eBook Buyer’

Drip campaigns: for those that have bought the book

If you think that’s all Harry has prepared, you’d be wrong, he still has an ace up her sleeve. Along with the book he has been writing, he has carried out many interviews with people that he has been working with, and learning from. He has decided to record 10 of these interviews and package them in a nice video, so anyone that is still is interested in more, can grab that. This upsell would create additional revenue without much more work on Harry’s part.

So finally the offer would be:

  • Either you buy just the book
  • Or you buy the book along with the video package, with has logical higher price.

Harry thinks that even if some of those that have just bought the book alone in the first instance, they might be some of the most potential interesting buyers of the other package… even if they didn’t buy it the first time. So why not to push the a bit to buy it?

3. The Results

Harry managed to optimize all his resources to squeeze the most of his book launching, current audience and ActiveCampaign:

  • Around a XX% of the total subscribers to the blog ended up buying something in the first 2 days of launch.
  • Increase readers subscribers
  • Final number of subscribers for book sales with the whole pack (book + video interviews) (XX%)
  • Subscribers that just book… and ended up buying the video interviews with discount from emails (XX %)

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