Send Transactional Emails

Transactional email,
your way

Whether you’re looking to send receipts, confirmation emails, payment reminders, or more, we have the tools to make transactional email sending a breeze — for marketers and developers.
Screenshot of the ActiveCampaign app with an instructional layout of a transactional email automation

Transactional email for marketers

Bring marketing, sales, and transactional messages together

If your marketing emails live in one tool and transactional mail in another, creating a cohesive experience can feel like an impossible task. With ActiveCampaign Postmark, you can manage all your emails in a single place. 

Send transactional emails, no coding required

Use events and data from one of our  870+ integrations to personalize and automate transactional emails—without requiring a developer’s help. 

List of automation nodes that read from top to bottom, Customer starts a new trial, Send campaign product newsletter, Wait for 10 days, Send trial expiration email.
Visual example of the ActiveCampaign email designer tool.

Create beautiful emails with just a few clicks

Use our drag-and-drop email designer to create beautiful, responsive email templates in minutes or import the email templates you’re already using to ensure your emails always represent your brand.

Make your transactional
emails personal

Personalize the transactional emails your customers receive using contact data like name, date of purchase, contract expiration date, and more.

Example of adding dynamic tags to emails in order to add personalization. Dynamic options include First name, Order ID, Product name, Product price, date of purchase.

Transactional email for developers

The transactional email service your development team will love

A flexible API, great documentation, and blazing fast and reliable email delivery are just a few reasons why Postmark is the most-loved email service for developers and product teams.

Or read the API documentation

Line animation of an envelope and mailbox with the flag up. There are fainter illustrations in the background of user interface elements.


ActiveCampaign gives you the tools you need
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Send an order confirmation


Notify a customer when a payment fails


Confirm an event registration

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