Stay organized, reduce churn, and thrill your customers.

Why ActiveCampaign is the ideal tool for your success team.

Automated workflows & best practices for customer success teams.

Get pre-built recipes to onboard customers, monitor their health, and keep your team organized.

Health Scoring
Engagement Tagging
Automated Tasks
Renewal Outreach

Health scoring.

Create a flexible scoring system that takes a wide variety of customer health factors into account. Set up custom behavioral events using our powerful Event Tracking. Log ins, engagement with your app, and using specific features can all be used to create a dynamic health score. Set points to expire so you always have an up-to-date view of your customer base.

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Engagement tagging.

Tag customers as “Recently active,” “Active,” “Disengaged,” and “Inactive” based on how recently they've engaged with your website, app, and campaigns. Prioritize resources to focus on customer segments at key moments such as prior to being re-billed or after submitting support tickets.

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Help your team stay on top of their customers with email notifications. Notify a customer success representative when their customer is in danger of churning. Trigger notifications on inactivity, failed payments, upcoming renewals or expirations, and more.

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Automated onboarding.

Send a series of helpful emails and site messages to new users. Personalize this automated follow-up to send targeted tips and advice based on the users persona and goals.

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Automated tasks.

Create and assign tasks when a customer changes stages, when their score changes, when they do custom events you define, and more. Send reminders to your team to help them stay on top of their workload and prevent the ball from dropping.

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Renewal outreach.

Help your team stay ahead of plan and contract renewals with automated workflows triggered by date fields on customer records. Assign tasks and send reminder notifications 30 days and 7 days before re-billing.

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Never miss a beat.

The ActiveCampaign CRM is a streamlined, visual tool for moving customers through the stages of your onboarding and success processes. Easily customize the CRM for your company's success & retention strategy and stay organized as you transform customers into outspoken advocates.

Leverage automation.

Run the most efficient processes possible. Rely on automation to handle routine tasks like managing your CRM or updating contacts, so you can stay focused on conversations with customers. Have tasks automatically created and assigned in response to key events so your team never drops the ball.

Track & measure customer progress.

ActiveCampaign allows you to see what your customers are doing on your website and in your app. You'll know whether they are engaging with your product and messages. You'll be able to see specific actions they have or have not taken and even what help docs they've been reading.

Automatically identify potential churn.

Monitor for warning signs that a customer is about to churn and proactively react. Automatically notify their customer success manager for one-to-one outreach or begin an automated re-engagement sequence. Use automated workflows to mitigate risk at key stages.

Work seamlessly with sales and marketing.

When sales, marketing, and success processes are driven by the same platform, all three will benefit from data gained by each team. What marketing & sales learn about a customer can inform and drive the success process so that you hit the ground running with each new customer.

Connect across channels.

Reach your customers with emails, texts, and site messages. Personalize these messages with content and calls to action appropriate for where they are in the onboarding process and customer lifecycle.

The tools customer success managers need to succeed.

Site & Event Tracking

See exactly what your customers are doing on your website and in your app.

Flexible Pipeline

Customize for your processes and adapt it as needed.

Pipeline Automation

Have your customers move through the stages of your processes automatically.

Deep Data Integrations

Bring data in from other apps to inform your customer success processes.

Chrome Extension

Manage your contacts, tasks, and automations from anywhere online — no need to even log in.

Team Collaboration

Tag a teammate to bring them into a conversation. Discuss customer activity inline.

Automated Tasks

Create tasks in response to key events and assign them to a team member.

Automated Workflows

Use triggers, actions, and logic to create sophisticated automated processes.

Consolidated Records

Track everything about a customer on their Contact Record and see their activity.