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How ActiveCampaign can improve your customer experience and conversions

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Flexible Scoring
Interest Tagging
Targeted Drips
Identify Advocates
Engagement Tagging

Flexible scoring.

Use our flexible scoring system to assess your prospects product fit and level of engagement as you follow up with them. Use scores to create segments, find marketing qualified leads, and tailor your follow-up. Add or subtract points when prospects click campaign links, visit specific URLs, perform custom events, subscribe or unsubscribe from lists, and more.

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Interest tagging.

The more you learn about your contact's interests, the more effective you can make your marketing. When you know what topics capture their attention and which products they're eyeing, you can deliver extremely relevant automated follow-up that converts like crazy.

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Targeted drips.

Automate routine activities such as creating and assigning deal records, changing pipeline stages, and updating records. Use over 20 triggers and 37 automated actions, conditions, and logic to created streamlined processes that keep records up-to-date without time and attention from your team so they can stay focused on driving deals forward.

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Identify advocates.

Find and tag your most ardent supporters. Leverage them to advocate for your brand, share your content, and refer new customers. Encourage raving fans with special offers and incentives.

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Engagement tagging.

Know which contacts are active, which are in danger of slipping into inactive status, and which are inactive. Use these tags to trigger re-engagement sequences, automate list hygiene, and create segments..

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Handle the whole lifecycle.

Create a stellar experience for each contact at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Help contacts quickly progress from interested leads to satisfied customers to outspoken advocates with personalized, intelligence-driven experiences.

Respond to behavior in real-time.

With ActiveCampaign, your marketing can “listen,” “learn,” and “adapt” as your prospects interact with your campaigns, website, or app. As soon as a contact signals interest or contemplates a purchase decision, a personalized message can immediately be sent inviting them deeper into your funnel.

Learn about each contact.

Stop thinking about lists and start thinking about people. Identify your contact's exact interests then automatically begin targeted follow-up messages that speak to their unique needs. As you discover more about your contacts, you can personalize more of their experience.

Advanced segmentation and targeting.

Create multi-dimensional segments along literally hundreds of criteria including behavior, location, purchase history, and more so you can send the perfect message. As you deliver only relevant messages you'll see your engagement and conversion rates rise.

Deep, one-to-one personalization.

Use Conditional Content in your campaigns to customize messages for each contact. Depending on who they are and where they are in the buying process, you can modify offers, copy, and more so each contact sees the content that is relevant to them.

Collect more leads.

With four high-converting form types, you can capture more contacts and information. Tight integration with our marketing automation features means you can create deal records, tasks, notify people and add tags when forms are submitted so you can begin follow-up processes immediately.

Cross-channel messaging.

Align messages and time them perfectly across channels. Send messages that reinforce each other and reach your prospects where they are throughout the day.

Perfect alignment with sales.

Having sales & marketing driven by a unified platform allows for complete data sharing and seamless hand offs. Customer insight gained during marketing can inform sales and vice versa.

Escape the clouds.

ActiveCampaign is a specialized solution for powering marketing & sales processes. Add additional specialized, best-of-breed solutions to your stack as needed.

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Advanced tools for modern marketers.

Site & Event Tracking

Use contact behavior to send targeted offers and customize follow-up.

Multi-Dimensional Conditions

Create granular groups by combining hundreds of data points.

5-Version Split Testing

Optimize everything — sender info, subject line, and body content.

Conditional Content

Customize campaigns so each contact sees relevant content.

Drag-and-Drop Builder

Build robust automation workflows using 20 triggers, 29 actions, and conditional logic.

Chrome Extension

Manage your contacts, tasks, and automations from anywhere online — no need to even log in.

Unlimited Sending

If your list is less than 250,000 contacts, you can send to them as much as you like.

Deep Data Integrations

Bring all data in from third party apps and to power your marketing.

Cross-Channel Messaging

Reach your contacts where they are - their inbox, their phone, your site, or your app.

Goal Tracking & Reporting

Analyze the effectiveness of each automation and optimize your funnel.

Lead & Contact Scoring

Identify your contact's interests and engagement.

High-Converting Forms

Choose from four form types and tag contacts on submit.