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  • Convert a Free Version or Free Trial to a purchased version.
    If you have already installed the free version or free trial of our software, you can easily convert the installation into a full version. This easy process will allow you to keep your existing settings and data. Using your web browser, open the 'admin/updater.php' file in your free version.For...
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  • Directory permissions and security for our downloaded products
    The downloaded versions (that you install on your own server) of our software (particularly Email Marketing and Help Desk) require that certain directories have permissions for scripts in our software to read/write/execute. On a Linux server, this typically means to CHMOD the directories to 777....
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Version 3.x (45)
Version 2.5x - 2.6x (68)
Version 2.11 and below (41)

Most Recent Articles

  • Database Backup and Restore
    Database backup is needed in case the updater process fails for some reason at any point. If we have that backup (database dump), we can revert...
  • Email Piping
    Piping is a method of getting emails from your mail server into our products. Unlike the POP account functionality, where the product will...
  • Quick Guide for Using Single Sign On
    In order to be able to automatically login a user into your ActiveCampaign application/service, you will need to obtain the user's access token...
  • Why is the software running slowly?
    If the software is installed on your own web server, and you are experiencing problems with slow performance, there could be any number of reasons...
  • Where can I get a copy of my invoice?
    For invoices visit: http://www.supporttrio.com/support/manage.php
  • What are Widgets?
    Widgets are mini-applications written in PHP that should be placed within the application installation folder in order to be accessible by the...
  • Removing SupportTrio Branding
    Most users choose to leave the branding and copyright notice in place.  If you wish to hide this information you will want to do the following:For...
  • How to Install a Widget
    Widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within the designated sections of ActiveCampaign products. To obtain widgets,...
  • How to Build a Widget
    ActiveCampaign products are web-based software applications written in PHP programming language. Some have support for Widgets, or standalone...
  • How do I apply user fields to email templates?
    You can insert custom fields to your email templates or email notifications by clicking on Personalize on the Visual Editor screen when you edit...

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