Automation Split Action

Know exactly what works best.

Use Split actions to optimize your marketing & create more dynamic workflows.

Create more powerful automated workflows with the Split action.

Know what's working, split test anything.

With split actions, you'll no longer feel uncertain about whether you're using the right approach. You won't have to guess because you'll have a valid way to test and optimize your marketing, sales, and business processes. You can split test the email campaigns you send in your automated workflows, but that's just the beginning. Now you're able to A/B test anything you can automate.

More flexible workflows with conditional paths.

The Split action also allows you to create conditional processes that change when conditions you define are met. Let 50 people purchase a product at a certain price before sending the rest of your contacts down another path. Or, send contacts down one path till a certain date, then down another path. We've given you the flexibility to configure your splits for whatever scenario your business needs.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing and sales. Find what works best with your audience.

What is the optimal wait times between messages?

How many times should your sales team reach out to prospects?

Does a combination of Site Messages and email work better than just email follow up?

Which offer is most likely to motivate customers to make a purchase?

Optimize your entire business for growth.

Gain a competitive advantage over your competition. Use split tests to create a business that is learning and progressing over time. Optimize every aspect of your business until you have carefully honed marketing & sales processes running at their optimum efficiency.

Innovative, powerful automation.

The split action is the latest example of how our platform continues to innovate and disrupt the martech industry. We already had the easiest to use automation workflow builder, and now it's the most powerful business automation solution. When you choose ActiveCampaign as your platform, you'll always have the most effective, leading-edge tools for growing your business.