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Onboarding sequence.

Reduce churn and develop long-term customers by delivering a helpful sequence of tips and advice on getting started with your product.

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Customer win back sequence.

Follow up with canceled customers periodically to gather their feedback and keep your solution top of mind.

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Inactive user outreach.

Identify at-risk customers and reach out to them proactively to start a conversation.

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Failed billing follow-up.

Prevent unnecessary churn by following up on failed payments with guidance on how to update their credit card information.

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Upgrade offers.

Move customers to higher tiers by sending incentives to upgrade and repeatedly explaining the additional value they'll receive.

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Proactive support.

After a customer repeatedly views your help docs, send them a message inviting them to reply if they have an issue. Your proactive outreach will help resolve their concern faster creating raving fans and positive word of mouth.

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Create a stellar experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

Use personalized automated follow-up to turn leads into users and users into outspoken advocates. Trigger targeted, cross–channel messages by specific behaviors to customize the entire experience for each user.

Balance human touch and automation.

Identify the prospects most likely to convert so you can invest your team's time and resources where it will have the most impact. Leverage automation to handle time-consuming, behind-the-scenes processes so that you can focus on strengthening relationships.

Consolidate processes into a single tool.

Our streamlined CRM solution makes handling organized success, sales, fulfillment, and marketing processes a breeze. You'll be able to automate many routine, behind-the-scenes tasks like updating records and assigning tasks.

Track in-app events & trigger automated processes.

Event Tracking offers endless options for monitoring user behavior and improving their experience. Customize your onboarding, offer proactive support, or score your users on engagement — reach out if their score dips and encourage advocacy if they are highly engaged.

Connect your entire stack.

With ActiveCampaign driving your growth, you can consolidate contact and event data from various apps then leverage it to tailor marketing, sales, and success processes and deliver personalized communication.