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Maintain engagement.

Keep students involved and active. Automatically apply tags when a student hasn’t engaged with your campaigns recently. Begin a new re-engagement sequence that delivers a sequence of messages intended to get them interested in opening campaigns in the future.

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Score candidates.

Use signs of engagement, such as campaign opens, link clicks, and custom event you define, to create a score. Combine their engagement score with test scores, GPA, and other factors to predict the success of the student. With this information, your admissions counselors can stay focused on the most interested candidates with the best chance of enrolling and succeeding.

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Identify interests.

Identify your students interests so you can send them messages that will further engage them with their academic and extracurricular events. Do they frequently check for upcoming sport events? Do they check the events of a particular department? Make their life easier by sending them the information they want without them having to hunt it down.

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Automated event updates.

Automatically create and send announcements to your students when updates are made to your website. ActiveCampaign can monitor any RSS feed, pull in the content, and send an email campaign to a list you specify. No more wasted time copying and pasting announcements into email campaigns.

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Student onboarding.

Welcome new students and help them with orientation. Introduce them to amenities and send them helpful information they'll need as they adjust to life on campus. Help them find resources and extracurricular activities to get them active and engaged with student life.

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Automate time-consuming processes.

Use automation to create workflows that take care of repetitive, time-consuming tasks like updating information, statuses, and process stages.

Stay organized
with a flexible, easy CRM.

Our lightweight CRM solution is visual and intuitive so it's easy to learn and use. It's flexible, so you can customize it for the needs of different departments. Admissions can use it to track and qualify new students, alumni can use it to track donors, and recruiting can use it to track faculty applicants.

Strengthen your student body.

Identify the best candidates and educate them on the benefits of enrollment. Help them navigate through the enrollment process and automatically notify their admissions counselor of key events so they are there to help when needed.

Consolidate databases.

Have your entire school working from the same list of contacts. Share insight and data about your students and alumni across departments to eliminate redundancy, reduce expenses, and share silo'd data.

Keep your contacts organized

Flexible organization of your contacts means you can use tags, lists, and advanced segmentation to create whatever structure makes sense for your school. You could have a current students list segmented by their major, department, status, year, and more.

Create stunning campaigns

Use our drag-and-drop email designer to create striking campaigns that communicate your message while representing your school in the best possible light. Streamline your workflow by saving campaign templates for quick and easy reuse.

Easy geotargeting

Your student and alumni contacts' geolocation will automatically update after they leave school and find work. With accurate contact location, you can create geo-targeted campaigns to notify alumni of events and news relevant to their area.

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