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Email marketing is just the beginning.

Email marketing remains the most effective marketing channel but you'll also be able to offer your clients robust marketing automation and a flexible CRM solution. Drive your client's growth from an integrated marketing & sales platform and differentiate your agency from those that only offer email marketing.

Provide more value to your clients.

Offer services around the complete customer lifecycle and business operations. Don't just help clients get more customers, help them manage their business & streamline processes. Create automated workflows that help your customers keep records up-to-date, stay organized, and deliver on promises.

A platform that makes sense to everyone.

"Intuitive," "elegant," and "easy" are the words most often used to describe our platform. Your clients will get a full-featured solution that isn't intimidating or overly complex. You'll minimize support requests while maximizing the value they receive.

A dashboard for all your accounts.

Managing your client accounts is simple with our reseller dashboard. Easily log into client accounts and manage services. Earn a bigger discount by adding clients to your reseller account.

Leverage our brand to attract more clients.

ActiveCampaign is well-known as a powerful solution with excellent support and a track record of innovation and rapid development. By building your services on top of our solution you ally yourself with a well-regarded company and solution.

Attract more customers with certification.

As an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant you'll have an additional qualification and enhanced credibility you can leverage to attract customers. You'll be listed in our directory and will receive referrals from us when your services are a match for our shared customer's needs.

Easily Manage Accounts

Login to your client accounts from a single dashboard and easily make changes to their accounts.

Offer High-Value Services

Provide support, create templates and automations, consult on best practices and more.

Set Your Own Pricing

Determine what you charge for value-added services to maximize value for your client and profit for your company.

See how marketing agency GoBobber uses ActiveCampaign to grow their business and their clients.

GoBobber Story

"ActiveCampaign has been our all-in-one tech stack for everything operations, sales & marketing. Couldn't recommend them more. The platform is powerful, robust and reliable, great job."