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Customer Experience Automation for SMBs

Small businesses change the world in big ways
That’s why we built ActiveCampaign.
Dr. Hardik Soni — Ethos SpaUsing ActiveCampaign since 2016
Jennifer — Platinum Skin CareUsing ActiveCampaign since 2017

Empowering those powering our world

Small businesses are the change-makers. They create jobs. Make deep, personal connections. They solve problems by discovering new answers to old questions.

Over 100M strong

There are over 100 million small businesses. Together, they build from the ground up.

More than 100000 businesses use ActiveCampaign. That means we get to see, first-hand, the passion you bring to your work. That unique perspective gives you the power to thrive.

Helping you and your customers grow

Our mission is to help growing businesses make meaningful connections and engage with their customers.

That’s why we built ActiveCampaign—so that businesses like yours could have the tools they need to save time, connect with customers, and grow.

Our numbers reinforce our mission

With over 100 small businesses using ActiveCampaign, we’re able to understand, analyze, and learn from our customers to make a better product.


Small businesses using ActiveCampaign every day to grow their business and connect with their customers.


None of our customers contribute more than 0.5% to our revenue. Each one is a small piece of the larger whole.

“How will this help small businesses?”

That’s the question we ask when we make decisions. It’s also why ActiveCampaign is easy to use and designed to work with other tools—with support any time you need it.

  • Constant support
  • Easy to use
  • Built to grow with you
  • Get back your time
  • Easy buying process
  • Integrate with other tools
Matt — CustomerBloomUsing ActiveCampaign since 2015

These are the 100,000+ businesses we’re proud to call customers

  • Morrow Audio's Story

    Even though I’m the CEO, president, and founder of Morrow Audio, because ActiveCampaign is so easy to use – I enjoy doing it! And the website is a selling machine. All I have to do is get people to show up and they buy.

    — Mike Morrow, Morrow Audio
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  • Chicago Food Planet

    With Conversations, we can answer in real time if we’re in the office. If we’re not, it prompts them for their email address so we can follow up with them later. No one falls through the cracks. Since we’re a small business, every single ticket sold really does matter.

    — Kayla Muldoon, Chicago Food Planet
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  • Hipcooks Story

    Localizing our content keeps our customers engaged, because we’re able to write about produce that’s relevant to the season in that community.

    — Monika Reti, Hipcooks
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  • David Paige's Story

    I used to get 20% open rates and I thought I was doing really good. And then when I switched to ActiveCampaign and I started implementing some of these strategies, I’m seeing 50% and higher. My first few emails are all in the 80% to 50% range.

    — David Paige, David Paige Music
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  • Heather Read’s Story

    As a photographer and a mother, it’s so important for me to have that extra time that I save using ActiveCampaign because I can focus more on my art and I can focus more on building relationships with the clients versus the tedious mundane things that so much time didn’t need to be spent on.

    — Heather Read, Heather Read Photography
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  • Platinum Skin Care’s Story

    ActiveCampaign allows me to have a conversation with people and tailor it to what their needs are. With tags, I can say “this person’s in this product lane, that person’s in that product lane, that person’s in that product lane,” and I can segment my audience into different types of people so we’re giving them the right things and they’re really happy in the end.

    — Jennifer Tilney, Platinum Skin Care
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  • The Produce Mom’s Story

    Through the ActiveCampaign platform, we are able to create a marketing funnel of school foodservice directors throughout the United States and provide them with content that is very specific to their needs, impacting over a billion annual school meals.

    — Lori Taylor, The Produce Moms
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  • CustomerBloom's Story

    It’s our CRM system. It’s our sales pipeline. It’s our integrated email marketing system. It’s our integrations. So it’s the central point for all of the things that we do.

    — Matt Coffy, CustomerBloom
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Heather — Heather Read PhotographyUsing ActiveCampaign since 2015

This is Heather. She photographs a family’s most important moments.

As a family photographer, Heather is in the business of preserving memories. But she needs a way to get in touch with the families who like her unique style.

She found one. Heather uses automation to figure out who will turn into her best customers – the people who love her style and really appreciate the memories she can create.

Now Heather can spend less time handling logistics and more time focusing on the work she loves.

Read Heather's story

Meet Brooke. She helps people through emotional moments of their lives.

Brooke is a physical therapist, and she specializes in pelvic health. Sometimes, her patients are intimidated. Frustrated. Their problems are painful, and hard to talk about.

So Brooke listens. She helps. She uses ActiveCampaign to automatically send patients the info they need—and the info that helps them feel better about their injuries.

She creates a physical therapy experience that’s different from what they’ve tried before.

Read Brooke's story
Brooke — Legacy Physical TherapyUsing ActiveCampaign since 2017

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