Your data is valuable. Here's how we protect it...

HTTPS for all account activity

If you log in through your ActiveCampaign URL, your browser will automatically use an HTTPS connection so all data is securely sent from our servers to your computer and back.

Data backups with real time mirrors and multiple snapshot replicas

We take data backups seriously. All of your data is saved in real-time, and snapshots of your data are captured every night and saved. No matter what happens, we've got you covered.

World class data centers

Our servers are hosted in strictly controlled environments accessible only to certified employees. All facilities are ISO 27001, ISO 27018, and ISO 27017 certified, PCI & HIPAA Compliant, and comply with EU Model Clauses (an Enterprise plan is required for HIPAA Compliance).

All accounts are segmented

Unlike some other companies, all data is segmented into unique databases, and our software is “rooted” in that database. This means it's impossible for your data to be accidentally seen by anyone else.


Secure account passwords

All passwords are stored as one-way hashes. Even our support team doesn't have access to the password you choose.

Brute force prevention

Our software is designed to detect and stop multiple failed login attempts, which makes brute-force attacks on your account impractical.

All emails sent securely

Our emails are sent using TLS encryption. This may help with deliverability and some email providers will display a lock icon signaling they were sent securely.