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Your landing page, now in ActiveCampaign. Here’s how to make it happen.

Introducing: The ActiveCampaign Pages tool!

A strong landing page can be a game-changer for your marketing efforts. And if you’ve got one that you know drives conversions, it’s a lot easier to run digital marketing campaigns (Facebook ads, email marketing, PPC ads, limited time promos) that bring in new customers.

So… how do you build a landing page?

How do you design a landing page? What should you write on your landing page? How many should you have? What are the landing page best practices or fundamentals you should know?

To answer these questions you’ll sit down with Justine BaMaung — ActiveCampaign’s Senior Conversion Rate Optimization Manager, and Kara Andersen — ActiveCampaign's Senior Product Marketing Manager.

You can download the presentation slides here

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You'll learn

  • Four common landing page use cases for growing businesses
  • How to use landing pages to drive better business strategy
  • Tips for building a high-converting landing page
  • How to create a landing page in ActiveCampaign in a few easy steps

I LOVE ActiveCampaign’s new landing page tool! The variety of templates and flexible drag-and-drop builder make it easy to create landing pages that look beautiful on any size device! Being able to create landing pages and automation sequences in ActiveCampaign is a huge time saver!

Dr. Ada Barlatt, OperationsAlly