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How To Find Your Perfect Automation In The ActiveCampaign Marketplace

What’s the easiest way to automate your business?

Thursday 7 May 2020

You know you can use automation to save time, and you have a ton of tasks that you want off your plate. But it takes time to figure out and set up new automations, especially if they involve features you haven’t used before. What if there were a way you could get new automations — without starting from scratch?

How do you get the perfect automation up and running ASAP? What other automations make sense for your industry? Are there existing automations you can take advantage of?

Introducing: The ActiveCampaign Marketplace!

To answer these questions you’ll sit down with Cody Lindley — ActiveCampaign’s Marketplace Manager, and Benyamin Elias — ActiveCampaign’s Director of Content Marketing.

You can download the presentation slides here.


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You'll learn:

Focus on automating the things that either save you time, money, or energy. If there’s a task you can’t stand doing, or one that wastes a lot of time, that’s where you should start.
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