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How can you respond — automatically — to anything your customers need?

Thursday 30 April 2020

What happens when you need to know more than your open and click-through-rates? Simple email metrics are great — for measuring simple emails. But what if you want to be able to communicate with your audience everywhere, to get new customers (and more from your existing customers).

How do you know what’s working — and how well? How do you get more out of the messages you already send? Is it possible to use automation to handle every customer interaction?

To answer these questions, you’ll sit down with Zachary Hanz — ActiveCampaign’s in-house customer lifecycle expert.

You can download the presentation slides here.

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You'll learn:

  • How to reframe your expectations of the customer journey — and how to use it
  • Ways to measure the impact of your messaging
  • How to use automation to get more out of every message you send
  • Why automation makes it possible to handle every possible customer scenario
  • The difference between proactive and reactive messaging — and which one to use

It’s really freed me up, mentally, knowing that information is collected as orders are coming in. With all of the automations that we’re using, the store runs by itself. I’m able to focus on other projects.

Mike Morrow, Morrow Audio