Master the fundamentals of Customer Experience with our 3-week Study Hall Digital Series

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How can you create incredible experiences for your customers?

Customer Experience Automation (CXA) uses automation, segmentation, personalization, and orchestration to create customer journeys that grow your business — but how can you apply it to your business?

In the ActiveCampaign Digital Study Hall series, you’ll get three in-depth webinar sessions — and learn exactly how you can use ActiveCampaign to bring your business online, operate more efficiently, cut down on the most time-consuming tasks, and help your business grow faster than ever.  

In these on-demand sessions, you’ll learn how to:


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Table of Contents

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What is the Digital Study Hall Series?

How can you create incredible experiences for your customers? How can you use automation to nurture, educate, and convert? How can you turn leads into repeat customers — and advocates for your business? Customer Experience Automation (CXA) Study Halls are in-depth, hands-on trainings with an ActiveCampaign expert. And now, you can access them online. A $149 value, Digital CXA Study Halls take place over three sessions (available on-demand to fit your schedule). You’ll learn about how to automate, personalize, segment, and orchestrate — and how to use ActiveCampaign to grow your business faster.

Session 1

Session 1: Successful Contact Management: Customer Experience Map (2 hours)

Friday 17 April 2020 — 8:00am-10:00am AWST Your customer’s experience is more important than ever for the success of your business. If you can “wow” them, they’ll tell their friends and write about you online, but if they have a negative experience… they’ll tell their friends and write about you online. Your customer experience determines the way they talk or write about you. What can you do to make sure their experience is positive? How can you create repeatable positive customer experiences that are personalized? In your first session, you’ll focus on the fundamentals of building organized, scalable contact management processes. Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • What is customer experience automation (CXA)?
  • Why mastering your customer experience is so important
  • Exploring the customer experience map
  • How to create accurate audience segments
  • How to manage your contacts throughout the customer journey

Session 2

Session 2: Grow Your Business: Nurture, Educate & Convert (3 hours)

Friday 24 April 2020 — 8:00am-11:00am AWST In your second session, you’ll focus on the critical elements of creating clear, actionable content for your audience. You’ll learn how to communicate with your contacts via email campaigns and automations — and how creating valuable content and communications can drive relationship building and organic sales. How do you know what messages to send? When should you send them? How do you know which potential customers are engaged and which need a little more time or information? In your second study hall, you’ll learn the answers to these questions — and how to build the systems within ActiveCampaign to answer them automatically. Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • How to implement a segmentation system for your contacts
  • Everything you need to know about email campaigns
  • How to build automations in ActiveCampaign for repeatable, positive customer experiences in:
  • Marketing communications
  • Customer support processes
  • Business operations

Session 3

Session 3: Know Your Customer: