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Accelerated Onboarding is a 90-minute webinar hosted multiple times a week by the ActiveCampaign Education Team that will teach you the introductory strategies & navigation within the platform as a new customer. Through Accelerated Onboarding, we will cover different topics on how you can effectively learn, build and organize your account.

Are you looking to get started with ActiveCampaign? Do you want to learn ActiveCampaign best practices and strategies?

Are you looking to learn more about how to effectively organize your lists, tags and contacts? Are you wanting to build out your first campaign? Do you want to take a deeper dive into setting up your first automations? Through Accelerated Onboarding, you can learn how to apply conceptual and tactical best practices and set up your account for success in just one live session.

During the session, you’ll learn how to:

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What is the Accelerated Onboarding Webinar?

In this 90-minute session, you’ll start by understanding the importance of effective contact management. You’ll learn contact organization best practices— including how to create organizational systems with your lists, tags, & custom fields.
This will build the pathways that will help you to create perfect segments for successful message delivery, personalized messaging, and improved customer experiences. Through Accelerated Onboarding, you’ll set your processes up for continued success within your business.
You’ll learn how to use forms to open the doors to your contact database and turn visitors into contacts. Next, we will dive into building your first campaign! We will spend time getting to know all of the best practices that you should consider before clicking send.
We will finish out with Automations. There is a lot to unpack here! It important that you know the methods of organization before beginning to create your first automation. After diving into that, we will walk through automation recipes, building from scratch & creating connecting automations to set you up for success.
Our session will end with resources and next steps on how you can continue your learning journey with ActiveCampaign!
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If you are an ecommerce business beginning with ActiveCampaign, this webinar will set you up with the necessary tools to get started.  

It is not only important to learn the foundation and fundamentals of ActiveCampaign but to learn how to use it alongside your ecommerce store. Get familiar with how data from your ecommerce store can be built into the interactions that you are having with your customers everyday, eventually turning them into advocates for your business. 

In this session, we will walk through: 

  • Connect your store & beginning to build data in AC
  • Enable site tracking to follow your contacts journey
  • Build ecommerce segments for seamless interactions 
  • Create campaigns with product blocks to target customers 
  • Utilize automations & recipes like abadoned cart, order fulfillment & shipping notifications
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In this session, we will cover best practices and technical applications of applying your B2C business to ActiveCampaign.  We cover basic topics and building knowledge while considering the use case of a B2C business.  Learning the strategy of how to implement these tools will get you set up for success from the beginning! 

Our use case will touch on why you want to build things, how you can do it & also, how you can grow in the process.  While there are many B2C businesses, Accelerated Onboarding can help develop your organizational building and process creation when getting started.  

In this session, we will walk through: 

  • Create an organization system for your contacts 
  • Collect information to learn more about clients
  • Build campaigns for effective & timely communication 
  • Automate follow-ups like class reminders, schedule updates, membership details, & payment schedules
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Welcome to Accelerated Onboarding!