Join The Reseller Program

Why join our reseller program?

  • Ability to generate , manage, and distribute serials
  • You can choose whether you wish to provide support directly to your clients (price break for that) or if ActiveCampaign will provide the support
  • License activations take place on a non-branded server/domain with no reference to activecampaign
  • Inclusion in our reseller directory
  • Reseller only specials
Reseller Pricing Discounts
  • All pricing is based off of list prices on our site.
  • 2 - 99 Licenses = 20% Discount
  • 100-199 Licenses = 30% Discount
  • 200 + Licenses = 40% Discount
  • You can sell the product at any price to your clients. Resell to clients on a monthly fee (IE: charge $50 setup and $40 monthly) or we have users that resell as a one time fee. It is all up to you how you wish to sell the software.

Start reselling web based software

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New Users
In order to join our reseller program you must have purchased at least 1 license from us in the past. Click here to browse our available products. Once you are able to join the reseller program all of your past purchases will be included and counted towards your new reseller discounts!