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New Feature: Integrated engagement lets you automate one-to-one sales emails using your connected email account

October 22, 2021

CRM Tools & Templates

Integrated engagement lets you combine all the channels that can be leveraged within an automation — marketing campaigns, sales follow-ups, text, voice, and more. It makes marketing and sales more efficient through integrating multichannel campaigns that can span the customer lifecycle, and makes it easier to engage with customers because everyone is able to work off the same data.

The new “Send a 1:1 email” automation block enables you to send automated emails to your contacts through any connected third-party email account, like Gmail or Outlook. Use personalization tags and hyperlinks in your automated one-to-one emails to nurture stronger relationships. Combine marketing and sales emails to create more personal experiences across the lifecycle, retain more customers, and increase the efficiency of your teams.

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