ac accelerated onboarding v3

Set Up Your ActiveCampaign Account With Accelerated Onboarding

Get your ActiveCampaign account up and running in 3 accelerated onboarding sessions

You know that you can connect with your audience and save time using ActiveCampaign. But learning the ins and outs of a new software tool can be difficult — especially when it involves features you’ve never used before.


How do you get up and running ASAP? Where’s the best place to start? What are the things that you need to know?


To answer these questions for your business, you’ll sit down with a group of your peers and learn from the ActiveCampaign Customer Success Team. In 3 accelerated onboarding sessions you’ll learn how to use Customer Experience Automation (CXA) to get your ActiveCampaign account primed and ready to connect with your audience!

Your onboarding journey will cover:

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