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Import your subscriber lists, email templates, and automations to ActiveCampaign for free.

We'll migrate you for free

Let us handle the migration for you

Our free Expert Migration service makes it easy to move to ActiveCampaign from your old email marketing or marketing automation provider and saves you up to 6 weeks of work. Now that's a lot of hours.

Switching to ActiveCampaign is a breeze

You never need to worry about losing contacts or automations. When you switch to ActiveCampaign, we help you get up and running fast.

We will:

  • Import your lists, contacts, custom fields, and tags
  • Recreate your automation workflows
  • Recreate opt-in forms
  • Recreate email templates

Okay, cool. So now what?

After you send in your request, we’ll send you an email with more information about our free migration options and instructions on what to do next.

Common migration questions

How long will my migration take?

We complete migrations as quickly as possible. The complexity of your migration (and our current volume) will determine the timeframe. After you submit your migration request we will contact you by email to work out an estimate.

Will you import all my contacts?

We will only import active, opt-in contacts. These are contacts that aren't unsubscribed, bounced, or purchased. See our Terms of Service for clarification on what constitutes opt-in contacts. If you have an exclusion list set up with your old provider, we'll add your exclusion list to your ActiveCampaign account.

What if there are differences in functionality between providers?

In instances when there isn't perfectly analogous functionality, we'll make note of those differences so you're aware of any changes. If you're wondering about specific features and functionality, feel free to ask our support team if that will be included in the migration.

Is there anything you can’t or won’t migrate?

Our Expert Migration service does not include custom coding. If you have code attached to a form, for example, we’ll recreate your form—but you’ll need to hire a developer to take care of getting the code to work with the new form. We aren’t able to modify your website, so we won’t install forms on your site.

I want to do my migration myself, do you have any resources to help me?

Yes, we have a comprehensive migration guide in our Education Center