VTEX: Gather Feedback After Purchase


What are your methods of obtaining customer feedback? How do you gather customer feedback after they make a purchase? What are some creative ways to collect feedback?

The "Gather Feedback After Purchase Automation" recipe helps you gain valuable insight from customer feedback by sending an automated follow-up email for your VTEX customers to review their purchase.

With this automation recipe you can:

- Add to your email marketing strategy with automated customer follow-up
- Learn who your happy customers are
- Add a new touchpoint to provide a positive customer experience
- Increase customer interactions
- Improve your business from customer reviews of unhappy customers
- Find gaps in your business strategy
- Identify problems in your business process
- Manage customer expectations on shipping times
- Improve your online checkout process
- Get testimonials for your website
- Make your email marketing more effective

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account, integrate your VTEX ecommerce store.

Here's how the "VTEX: Gather Feedback After Purchase Automation" recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered through the VTEX integration whenever a contact makes a purchase from your ecommerce store
2. The automation waits 7 days
3. The automation sends an email asking your customer to review their purchase and their overall customer experience
4. The automation ends

Note: The 7 day wait step (Step 2) is to give you enough time to process and ship the product, and for your customer to have received the product. You can change the length of time in the wait step to whatever makes the most sense for your business processes.

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