First Time vs. Repeat Customer Thank You Email Automation Recipe


As an ecommerce business, a "thank you for your purchase" email is a critical piece of your ecommerce email marketing strategy. But how can you send a personalized thank you message to your customers based on their customer status?

How can you send a unique, automated thank you email that's different if your customers are a first time customer or a repeat buyer?

The "First Time vs. Repeat Customer Thank You Email" automation recipe sends a specific purchase confirmation email thanking your customers for their business based on the total number of purchases a customer has made.

This automation recipe helps you:

- Keep your contacts updated based on lifetime value and total number of purchases
- Create and maintain a reward system for customers
- Give a special thank you to your most valued customers

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account:

- Create a custom contact field for "Total Orders"
- Integrate your ecommerce store with one of our ecommerce Deep Data integrations

Here's how the automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact makes a purchase from your ecommerce store tied to ActiveCampaign through a Deep Data integration
2. The automation checks to see if the contact's "Total Orders" custom field is greater than 1.
3. If yes, the automation sends a "Thank you email" for repeat customers email, and the automation ends
4. If no, the automation sends a "Thank you email" for first time customers, and the automation ends


- In our example we have built out 2 emails to send to customers based on purchase history, but you can build out specific emails to send for each purchase.

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