SMS Reminder to Repurchase


Have you ever run out of something when you needed it most?

Don't let that happen to your contacts! Sending out automated reminders when their order is running low allows them to place their order before they run out. Sending the message out via SMS with a quick link to restock makes the process easy and quick.

This automation sends out a SMS message to your contact, reminding them to repurchase. It is triggered by checking a custom date field and activating 30 days after the last purchase. You can segment the trigger further to check for a specific product being purchased as well.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation 30 days after their last purchase date.
2. The contact is sent a SMS message reminding them to place their refill order.

Note: You will need to build out the custom date field for the last purchase date before importing this recipe. You can automate this date by using the automation recipe "Store Customer Last Purchase Date Automation Recipe".

Note: Feel free to adjust the timing of the trigger as well to what makes sense for your business.

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