Part 1: Site Tracking Abandoned Cart Reminder Automation Recipe


Did you know that over 75% of people abandon online shopping carts?

The good news is, the open rate of an abandoned cart reminder email is high too -- nearly 45%. Which means sending them is a good idea, and can help you a lot with getting your customers back.

But you aren't spending your time watching the online shopping movements of your customers in real-time. You don't know when the exact moment is to send an abandoned cart reminder. And you don't need to know.

We automate that.

You can use the combined power of site tracking and automation to turn your abandoned carts into completed transactions. All you need is the 2-part Site Tracking Abandoned Cart Reminder Automation Recipe.

If a contact visits your cart page and doesn't visit your order confirmation page within 3 hours, the automation sends them an email inviting them to checkout. This email can include a time-sensitive coupon to encourage them to take action.

This automation uses Site Tracking data to send an "abandoned cart reminder" email. This automation will only work if your ecommerce solution has a distinct cart URL and order confirmation page URL.

This is a two-part automation. Part 1 needs to be imported first.

How does the site tracking abandoned cart reminder automation work?

Here's how the site tracking abandoned cart reminder automation works:

1. The automation triggers when a contact visits the cart page.
2. The automation waits for 3 hours before reaching out with an email reminder. You can adjust this wait time to your liking.
3. The automation sends the "come back and purchase" cart reminder email if the wait time expires without any action from the contact. This email campaign should urge the contact to come back and finish their purchase. It should include a link back to your shopping cart page and might also include a coupon to incentivize completing the purchase.
4. The automation ends.

STEP 2 NOTE: This wait time gives the contact a chance to complete the purchase and visit your order confirmation page or your specific order completed page. If they visit that page, Part 2 of this automation will automatically end Part 1 and will not send the reminder email.

What do you need to use the site tracking abandoned cart reminder automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, site tracking, and a contact list!

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