Segment and Email Your Customer After a Live 1-to-1 Purchase


While Yondo does send out confirmation and reminder emails after a Live 1-to-1 Session has been booked, you may want to send another email with a bit more of a personal touch. This recipe is a great way to thank your customer for their purchase as well as letting them know about other ways to get the most use from your services.

This automation recipe helps you:

- Establish customer relationships that offer personalized experiences.
- Strengthen your eCommerce email marketing strategy.
- Promote other services or products that you offer, increasing your sales.

Here's how the automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a customer completes a successful order of a Live 1-to-1 Booking from your integrated Yondo video eCommerce store.

2. The contact is tagged as a “Live 1-to-1 Customer” so that you can easily identify them from your other customers.

3. Your customer will be added to an email list of your choice to ensure that they receive information pertinent to your online services. The purpose of this email list will generally be to separate your customers by the type of functionality they have purchased from you in the past. This way you will be able to update your customers who have specifically purchased a Live 1-to-1 Session with any information or promotions that will be important to them.

4. The automation then sends a marketing email to the contact’s email address, thanking them for their purchase and updating them with any additional information that you would like to provide them with.

The recipe includes a basic email template that you will need to edit to make sure that your customers are acknowledged in a personal and professional manner.

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