Reward Customers on Repeat Purchase Automation Recipe


Do you send thank you emails to your customers?

Your repeat customers are a huge source of revenue for your business. Studies show that 40% of an ecommerce store's revenue is created by only 8% of their customers, and those 8% are repeat customers.

As an ecommerce business, your repeat customers are extremely valuable and it's important to let them know you appreciate them.

How do you turn customers into repeat customers? How do you turn repeat customers into brand evangelists?

Send personalized emails to repeat customers with the "Reward Customers on Repeat Purchase" automation recipe. Sending a "thank you" email goes a long way towards turning a customer into a repeat customer.

This automation recipe helps you:

- Develop your ecommerce email marketing strategy
- Build out your customer loyalty reward program
- Send email coupons or exclusive offers through automated rewards emails
- Build relationships with your repeat customers and encourage future purchases

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account:

- Link your ecommerce store to ActiveCampaign through our Deep Data integrations

Here's how the automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact makes a purchase from your integrated ecommerce store, and the contact's "total orders" is 5
2. The automation sends a "Thank you + customer reward" email to your repeat customers
3. The automation ends

Note: In our example the automation trigger is set to 5 purchases, but you can change the trigger to be any number of purchases that makes sense for your business. You could also change the trigger to a certain revenue amount if you'd like to send a reward based on customer lifetime value. Once a given customer eclipsed a given amount, the automation would send the rewards email.

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