Product Category Interest Tagging Automation Recipe


How do you turn a customer into a repeat customer?

Send them relevant, automated campaigns that keep them interested. You can do this by using tags.

What are tags?

Tags are how you segment your customers in order to send them the campaigns that cause continued customer engagement. Tags are added to a contact on your email list when they complete a specific behavior or set off a trigger. The tags then help create segments so you can target specific audiences with your campaigns.

Tag-based email marketing helps create even more personal connections between you and your contacts. In this automation recipe, the tags are assigned based on a purchase being made.

How does product category interest tagging work to achieve this?

Let's say you sell musical instruments, and you have a contact that makes a couple of product purchases -- a guitar and some drums. After those purchases that contact triggers assigned tags for things like "Strings" and "Percussion."

The more tags a contact has assigned, the better, targeted emails they receive. When a contact gets emails they want, they are more likely to keep interacting -- which gives you the chance to further tag them.

How does a product category interest tagging automation work?

1. You create product category tags within ActiveCampaign
2. A contact makes a purchase, and enters the interest tagging automation
3. The automation tags the contact with a tag based on the product they buy and the associated interests with that product
4. Create future target audiences easily based on their specific tags from purchases. You can then use these tags later when targeting your segments.
5. You can add as many branches of If/Else statements to this automation as you'd like. For every product category you have set up on your ecommerce site, it's good to have a tagging opportunity.

What do you need to use this product category interest tagging automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, a native ecommerce integration (like Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce) and a contact list!

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