First-Time Abandon Cart Hook Automation Recipe


Abandoned carts -- every online business deals with them. They are inevitable, but that doesn't mean that you can't save a few here and there. Especially the first-time cart abandoners.

Here's the question: what's the best way to do it?

An automated reminder email is definitely helpful, but you can go a step further than just a reminder -- you can send an extra message with a special offer to incentivize the abandoned cart recovery.

To help you with this, you can use the First-Time Abandon Cart Hook Automation Recipe.

Offer contacts who abandon a cart for the first time a special deal to recover the cart. This creates an opportunity to convert first-time contacts to customers.

How does the first-time abandon cart hook automation work?

Here's how the first-time abandon cart hook automation recipe works:

1. Contact abandons a cart and triggers the automation: The first step of this automation is to look for any cart abandonment before checking if this is the first-time a contact has abandoned a cart. Make sure the trigger is set to "Runs Multiple Times" for the automation to work as intended. Feel free to customize the trigger's fields if you wish to use this automation to send a specific first-time deal on a certain product or category.
2. Automation checks for first-time cart abandonment: The condition on this IF/ELSE action should be set to check for if a contact has already finished this automation, "First Time Abandon Cart Hook" at least once.
3. Automation sends an abandoned cart recovery email: Based on the previous IF/ELSE action, a contact either receives an abandoned cart email with a special offer or one without a special offer. If a contact has previously abandoned a cart, they do not get the special offer abandoned cart email but get a product reminder email. If this is their first cart abandonment, they get the email that incentivizes them with the special offer.
4. Add your desired follow-up actions: If you'd like, you can continue to add actions and send your specific abandoned cart email series.
5. The automation ends.

What do you need to use the first-time abandon cart hook automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account and a contact list!

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