First Purchase Anniversary


Who doesn't love celebrating an anniversary?

For your ecommerce business, a great date to celebrate this is when your contact becomes a customer for the first time. Setting an annual thank you is a great way to remind them of your store, thank them for their previous support, and maybe even offer a small discount to incentivize a repeat purchase.

This automation is triggered on the anniversary of when your contact made their first purchase. Make sure you build out a date based custom field to track this. The contact then receives an email celebrating the year together. This is a great time to share your business' story as well or other exciting engagement opportunities.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The automation is triggered on the date of the customer's first purchase. This is done by the trigger being set to be triggered on the date of a custom date field created for this purpose.
2. The contact is sent an email for the anniversary.

Note: In our example, we supply this date by using the recipe "Store Customer First Purchase Date". If you track this differently, feel free to adjust the trigger.

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