Ecommerce Welcome Series


A contact looks through the products on your site and submits your form. Before they’re ready to buy, you have to nurture them. And what’s the best first step towards a good nurture cycle?

Welcome emails!

More specifically, a welcome series.

What is a welcome email series? It's a series of emails that you send to your new list subscribers. A welcome series should begin promptly after someone subscribes to your list. A welcome email series should:

-Give helpful info to get someone started with your business
-Be personalized
-Show off your top products
-Use automations to help send them

Are you unsure of how to create a welcome email sequence? Are you even less sure of how to automate it? The answer to both questions is right here! Onboarding your new list subscribers is a snap with the Ecommerce Welcome Series Automation Recipe.

Here’s how it works:

1. A contact activates a trigger like "Contact subscribes to any list" and enters the welcome series automation
2. An initial welcome email is automatically sent following the trigger action.
3. The contact waits for an hour.
4. The contact is sent an email showcasing your most popular products and a bit of your company’s story.
5. After a specified wait period, we'll check to see if those contacts opened the product email and visited any of your product pages
6. If they open it, a more in-depth follow-up message is sent.
7. If they don't open it, a reworked product email with a new subject line and slightly different messaging is sent next.

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