Early Email Engagement Sequence (The Single Double)

Stuck trying to figure out whether you should use Single Opt-In or Double Opt-In?

The "Single-Double" gives you the best of both worlds! This automation was created to give you the ease of use the single opt-in strategy provides without sacrificing the list hygiene of using the double opt-in strategy.

Using the Single-Double opt-in you will be able to increase the open and click rates of your emails resulting in more eyes on your salespages which leads to more sales.

You will also be able to automatically filter out contacts who do not open your emails or click on any links. Keeping your deliverability at its maximum (I'm currently averaging around 97% deliverability in AC using this strategy) and unengaged contacts at a minimum.

This automation also comes with pre-written email copy so that you can import it and implement it quickly.