Conversations – Online Chat Page Tagging Automation Recipe


When you know where a contact has already been on your website, it can be easy to help guide them where they should go -- and what they should do -- next.

But when you talk to multiple contacts a day through online chat, it's not easy to remember every detail of what page they came from and what you talked about. And it's important to know these things. That way you can better guide contacts to the next stage of becoming a customer.

This is where the online chat page tagging automation recipe for Conversations can help you!

Using site tracking, you can track customer progress and see what pages the contact was on before they initiated the Conversations chat. Then, you can tag the chat accordingly for future segmentation.

For example, if they were on a product page, tag it as a sales conversation. If they were on a help page, tag it as a support conversation.

Identifying the type of chat helps you figure out how to follow up. Learn how to use this automation now.

NOTE: This automation recipe must be used with the Conversations feature.

How does an online chat page tagging automation work?

Here's how the online chat page tagging automation works:

1. The contact submits their email to the Conversations form in the chat widget. Choose the form "Conversations chat form" as the trigger. This form is automatically generated when you turn on Chat in the Conversations feature.
2. The contact goes through a series of IF/ELSE actions to see what pages they've visited: product pages, support guides, or others.
3. Depending on the pages visited, the contact is tagged with the type of conversation the contact is having
4. More steps and other categories can also be added by the user.

What do you need to use the online chat page tagging automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, the Conversations feature, and a contact list!

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