Blank Field Follow-Up: Online Order (Automation Recipe)


When a customer places an online order through your ecommerce store, make sure you have all of the information you need to process and fulfill the order. If the customer left any important fields blank when placing their online order, remove them from the order process flow and send them a follow-up email to request the missing information.

Missing online order information might include:

- Size or color selection
- Shipping address
- Choice of shipping method
- Contact information

If a customer leaves an important online checkout field blank, this automation sends them an email asking them to send you the missing information. When the contact provides the missing information, the automation sends them a thank you email and re-enters them into your order process flow.

By automating your blank field follow-up emails, you can catch and collect any missing information as soon as a customer places an order. This lets you get the order out as soon as possible and create a better customer experience.

Before importing this automation, set up your ecommerce integration.

Here's how the "Blank Field Follow-Up: Online Order" automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when a customer places an order on your online store and leaves an important field(s) blank. If you do not have an ecommerce integration, adjust this trigger based on how you track new orders.
2. The automation removes the contact from your order process automation. Adjust this step to make sure that the contact is removed from any post-purchase automations until after they provide the missing information.
3. The automation sends the contact an email asking them to send you the missing information. Include a form or some other way for the contact to give you the info you need.
4. The automation waits until the contact provides the missing information and the important field(s) is no longer blank.
5. The automation sends the contact a thank you email.
6. The automation re-enters the contact into the post-purchase automation they were removed from in step 2.
7. The automation ends.

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