Send A Segmented Abandoned Cart Email Automation Recipe


Abandoned carts are a part of every online business. When they happen, it's still possible to get the contact back to finish the transaction. To do this, you need an abandoned cart email series.

But what if your contacts aren't just local? If you have international AND local contacts abandoning online carts, they might need their own incentivized messaging.

To automatically remind a contact about their abandoned cart with location-based messaging, you can use the Send A Segmented Abandoned Cart Email Automation recipe.

This automation recipe helps you send specific abandoned cart emails to contacts based on whether they are local or international customers. This automation requires a Deep Data ecommerce integration.

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How does the send a segmented abandoned cart email automation work?

Here's how the send a segmented abandoned cart email automation works:

1. When a contact abandons a cart through any Deep Data integration (like Shopify), the automation is triggered.
2. The contact goes through an IF/ELSE action to find out if the abandoned cart comes from a local or international location. Set this IF/ELSE to whatever country you are based in.
3. If the contact is locally-based, the automation sends out an abandoned cart email message specifically created for locals. This abandoned cart email can include incentives like free shipping to help complete the online purchase.
4. If the contact is internationally-based, the automation sends an abandoned cart email specifically created for international customers. You may want to point out other products that can help provide a complete experience so that the contact is able to get all they need in one international order.
5. (Optional) Depending on how many emails are in your abandoned cart email series, you can choose to add more email actions to this automation if you'd like.
6. The automation ends.

What do you need to use the send a segmented abandoned cart email automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, a Deep Data ecommerce integration, and a contact list!

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